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 Client Moral-Compass in Social Work—Posits the critical importance of morality to healthy social life; explores the inadequate social work approach to spirituality, the breadth of cross-cultural moral values that enable social work morality focused intervention, the conditions required to foster clients' moral sensibility, the necessity for morally-indeterminate treatment, the foundation in attachment of moral character and empathy, and the social worker's role in clients' acquisition of moral compass. (12 pp.)

 Daily Self-Havening "Psychic Spiritual Shower"Provides a detailed description and guidelines for a transpirational, daily self-havening that integrates neurobiology and moral-spirituality. The practice is designed to ease the lifelong punishing effects of failed maternal attachment in infancy and developmental trauma during childhood. The potential outcomes of this psychosensory methodology include: enhanced self-awareness; lessening of amygdala-based fear, shame, and rage; heightened perception and appreciation of the external world; and deepened empathy, compassion, moral sensibility, and contentment. (2 pp.)

 Ending A Long Night of Darkness—Describes the pain of estrangement from loved ones, the related symptomology, the ways in which Joseph worked out reconciliation with his brothers, the choice we have whether first to express our hurt or our anger in strained relationships, and the value of self-revelation in repairing relationships. (2 pp.)

 Leaders Mentor More Leaders—Describes the hallmark of effective leaders as commitment and competence to widen the circle of leaders, both formal and informal; Moses' model of leadership development in that vein; the traditional view that character is the critical qualification for leadership; the essence of leadership development as relational; and practice guidelines. (4 pp.)

 Lifelong Erotic Sex in Marriage: Replacing Infatuation with Intimacy—Explores the effect of destructive cultural ideas in the failure of marriages; contemporary problematic sex-based roles and related activity that cannot provide a healthy foundation for marriage and family life, but lead instead to marital infidelity; the damaging and destructive outcomes and costs of marital infidelity; healthy foundation for marriage and family, including secure attachment in infancy; misguided ideas of romance promoted to increase commercial profits, but which become ingrained cultural marital expectations; the character of authentic intimacy; the connections between authentic intimacy and lifelong fulfilling sexual relations; and the foundations of succesful marital intimacy. (13 pp.)

 Micro and Macro Tensions in Generalist Practice—Considers dissimilarities that create tensions between micro and macro forms of social work practice and teaching. (3 pp.)

 Paper-Driven to Paperless: Technology Implementation Drives Program Innovation—Case study of transforming a social service program reliant on paper-driven administration to a computer-based turnkey database management system. (6 pp.)

 The Price of Social Development—Highlights massive inner-city educational failures as symptomatic of contemporary community organizing's inability to achieve social development, and considers precursors to a strategic vision for faith-based community organizing. (9 pp.)

 Social Infrastructure Organizing Technology—Practice theory based on theories of social learning, social exchange, social construction of reality, and social development, plus micro and macro practice technologies. (120 pp.)

 Social Work Heuristic—Schematic illustration of linkage between the contemporary social condition of mass alienation from political and economic power; the historic goals of social work; the "pathological" effects of unaddressed poverty, oppression, and injustice; individual and collective empowerment objectives; and models of social work practice. (1 p.)

 Spirituality and Religion in Social Work Practice—Focuses on micro (clinical) aspects of spirituality and religion in social work practice. (5 pp.)

 "A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down"—But Not As We Might Imagine!—Clarifies the relationship of obesity and metabolic syndrome diseases (MSD); the extraordinarily high morbidity and mortality linked to MSD; the identification of "free sugar" in peer-reviewed research studies as the principal added food ingredient linked to MSD; the established toxic and addictive qualities of "free sugar"; the role of Big Food in promoting sugar-laced, unhealthy and addictive food using methods borrowed from the tabacco industry playbook; the individual and collective social costs of the epidemic of obesity and metabolic-syndrome diseases; and the necessity to combat the epidemic with a broad-based public education campaign, grassroots organizing and lobbying of local, state, and national legislative bodies, and a mass boycott-movement to convince the food industry players that it's not in their economic interest to continue promoting foods that are toxic and addictive. (7 pp.)

 Staff Development and Leadership—Explores the challenge of staff development, a leadership strategy for staff development, the primary role of leaders to maximize staff development, the basic tools of leadership development that drive staff development, and the measure of successful leadership development. (4 pp.)

 Team-Building and Participation: Guide to Tips on Principles and Practices—Guide to multiple lists of tips on building successful teams and contributing to them as members. (10 pp.)

 Training Our Children for Life—Contrasts the life-affirming character of Yom Kippur with unwittingly training our children to kil;, reviews the writing of a retired Lt. Col., a former Army Ranger and now a psychologist, outlining how children are trained to kill by video games and other violent media; exhorts parents to engage in self-examination regarding their role in the exposure of children to these learning experiences; and suggests steps to avoid complicity in such learning. (2 pp.)

 Writing Daily Macro Practice Notes On Professional Community Organizing—Principles, guidelines, and extensive examples for writing community organizing practice notes. (12 pp.)


 Informal Social Work Course Evaluation

 Intro to Social Legislation & Policy Course

 On Class Participation

 On Critical Thinking

 Social Work Community Organizing Macro Practice Values

 Span of Social Work Practice

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