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Features of Personalized Torah-Chanting Distance-Learning

Students learn to chant Torah from an accomplished, highly recommended personal teacher who provides individual mentoring and feedback, and who is readily available for "quickie troubleshooting questions" as needed outside of regular class time. Lessons are conducted using a variety of communications media, as convenient.

Flexible scheduling is available (except Shabbat, Festivals, and Holy Days), and class days and hours may be rearranged to accommodate students' changing schedules.

Students receive a cantillation CD for use on their personal computer* (in conjunction with recommended free software), which allows unlimited pre-programmed practice repetitions of trope groups, without the bother and inconvenience of manipulating a cassette tape player.

Students receive large, east to read trope-group illustrations.

* The CD may also be used on a standard music CD player.

Students Are Taught by Magidah Khulda bat Sarah

Khulda is certified as a magidah by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Here’s what some of Khulda’s students have said about their experiences of learning with her:

"Khulda bat Sarah is a truly gifted teacher. I found Khulda’s methods of teaching to be very supportive and uncomplicated. Khulda’s approach is exceptionally encouraging and demonstrates endless patience."
—Karen Scott

"As a teacher of 25 years myself, it is particularly pleasing to have been a pupil of Khulda bat Sarah. Khulda introduced me to her method of structuring the reading of Torah. Her high standards and patience combined with her unique methodology creates a highly successful learning environment. On a personal level she is not only well prepared but generous with her time in helping students achieve their goals. She has a wonderful sense of humor and the ability to apply it to encourage and sustain interest. Khulda has given me a permanent gift in helping me to become an independent reader of Torah. My experience was constantly buoyed by the joy of her teaching and knowledge. Her teaching has stayed with me."
—Sandra R. Benko

"[Khulda's] approach is a far cry of the unpleasant taskmasters that I instinctually associate with bad Bar Mitzvah memories. Her approach to my learning is gentle, progressive and encouraging. Khulda's always encouraging feedback and emphasis on my individual pace of learning aided me in overcoming the personal learning hurdles which cropped up regularly.

"Khulda taught me a Torah reading technique which doesn't focus on memorization, but on a systematic approach which uses the reappearing patterns of trop which aids and simplifies my learning a Torah portion. The inefficiency, fear and anxiety that came from relying primarily on memorization of recorded portions have been replaced by the ability to sight read trop and learn portions with far less effort and the ability to retain it longer. Khulda's technique of visioning ahead the next grouping of trop from the one that is currently chanted is a great aid in my calm and confidence when I chant Torah in front of a congregation.

"What I like about working with Khulda is that I can do it from my home at hours that are convenient to me. The phone is a great aid, all I have to do to get ready for a lesson is sit down at my trop sheet, put on my phone headset and dial, and when Khulda answers the telephone its only a few seconds until I feel that we are sitting next to each other. The phone seems to facilitate a true sense of one-to-one instruction. I have no worries about phone bills as I have a $5 per month unlimited long distance plan on my home phone.

"I prefer to have my lessons at 6 a.m. my time because of child care, carpool and work responsibilities, and this works out well for Khulda because its 9 a.m. for her. I like that I am able to choose the physical environment that I feel comfortable learning in. I choose to call from my garden where I watch the hummingbirds, blue jays and other birds going about their morning routine as I go through my trop singing exercises with Khulda. My five year old when asked by his mom where daddy is, said, "He's in the garden singing." I have a feeling that my studying is imparting something to my son, especially since I sometimes sing trop when I drive him and he likes to try to sing along.

"What I like best about working with Khulda is that she is calm, warm and supportive and has a lot of patience."

—Pini Herman

Donation and Enrollment Information

The Personalized Torah-Chanting Distance-Learning is offered on an hourly basis for a $25 tax-deductible donation for each hour of instruction; or on a weekly basis for a $60 weekly tax-deductible donation, which typically includes three hours of instruction.

Prospective students should contact to indicate their interest and questions. Upon completion of arrangements and scheduling by phone, donations may be made on a regular basis through PayPal as instruction progresses.

Additional Information

For answers to questions about Personalized Torah-Chanting Distance-Learning or to inquire about arranging class time, call (818) 881-1295 or click here for

Payment Options

Daily Distance Learning ($25/hour)
Weekly Distance Learning ($60/week)

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