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Congregational Organizing Guides

Evaluating a Research Action
How Many New Leaders this Year?
Guide to Restoring Confidence in Congregational Community
Planning for a Research Action
Evaluating Options for Action

Readers Theater

Ancient Future

Talmud Torah Katzar

All People As Prophets
Being Consumed
Except by a Mighty Hand
False Prophets
Gathering Bread from Adonai
Hiding from Our Own Kin
Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
Men and Women of Truth
Mentoring Leaders
Mutual Respect
One Trouble at a Time
Wisdom in Listening

Miscellaneous Documents

Impatience of the Soul
God's "Evil Inclination"
Relationship-Driven Leadership Development
To Know the Queen
Why Build One-to-One Relationships in Congregational Community?

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