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Features of the Annotated Index

The Annotated Index available here is based on the multi-volume Judaica Press (1989) version of the Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch Torah commentary. The complete 418-page Annotated Index, encompassing all of the Hirsch Torah commentary from Bereshit/Genesis through Devarim/Deuteronomy, includes approximately 19,000 entries—all in Rich Text (RTF) and Adobe Portable Document (PDF) formats. (A standard word processor is required to open and read RTF files and the Adobe Reader is required to open and read PDF files. The Adobe Reader is available without charge from Adobe at

The Annotated Index is an excellent resource and tool for anyone seeking a focused, in-depth encounter with the extraordinary Torah commentary of this modern sage.

About Rabbi Samson Rafael Hirsch

Rabbi Hirsch died more than a century ago (1888), but he is nonetheless considered one of the giants of modern Torah commentators. He combined several qualities that have particular relevance for Torah study in our time:

The Hirsch commentary provides an integration of the written Torah and the oral Torah, consistently fleshing out the written text with the detailed oral teaching.

Purpose of the Index

It is difficult to fully appreciate the breadth and depth, the power and persuasiveness, of Rabbi Hirsch's commentary without encountering it personally. It is like trying to appreciate the majesty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon through another's verbal description of it, in contrast to seeing it for oneself. This Annotated Index has been compiled with the hope of facilitating that encounter.

One may, of course, use various electronic iterations of the Chumash (Pentateuch) and Tanach (Hebrew Bible) to locate Hirsch commentary on a particular term if that term appears in the Scripture. This Annotated Index, however, is not keyed exclusively to the words of the Scripture, but rather to the concepts of Rabbi Hirsch's commentary, as well as related words and phrases.

The primary advantage of using this Annotated Index to the Hirsch commentary is that it enables the student, darshan (preacher/teacher), rabbi, scholar, or casual reader to quickly search and find the locations of all of Rabbi Hirsch's Torah commentary on a particular concept, phrase, or word, with each index entry sufficiently annotated to make it unnecessary to locate and review the full commentary to determine its relevance to any particular interest.

It is possible to search on words in Hebrew when the Annotated Index is viewed on a PC in RTF file format, but not when viewed on a Mac in RTF format.

Sample Download (PDF)


Donation & Delivery Information

The complete Annotated Index to the Hirsch Torah commentary is available as a premium for a $19.95 donation by individuals and a $29.95 donation by organizations (e.g., libraries and congregations) to Gather the People.

Gather the People will send the requested order as e-mail attachments of RTF and PDF files upon PayPal verification of a donation. Lost or damaged files wll be replaced by GTP without charge at any time.

Purchasers of the Annotated Index will receive without charge occasional updates and, if or when it becomes available, they will also receive an annotated index to the Hirsch commentary on the prophetic readings.

Tax-deductible donations for premiums may also be made by check or money order and sent directly to: Gather the People, 5400 Yarmouth Avenue, #231, Encino, CA 91316. Please be sure to include your email address, name, organizational affiliation (if any), phone number, and postal address.

For questions about an order, to make special arrangements, or to obtain additional information about premiums, click here for customer support.

Ordering the Annotated Index (Electronic File by E-mail)


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