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Features of the Rabbi's Database

The Rabbi's Database is a complete set of relational database templates for PCs and compatible computers. It has been developed to allow recordkeeping of contacts with congregants, including their births, conversions, b'nai mitzvah, Torah service honors, weddings, counseling, sick visits, divorces, funerals, and Yizkor dates.

The templates were created by and designed for use with Lotus Approach database application software, which must be purchased separately. Although the Approach application is included with the current Lotus SmartSuite Millennium Edition, it can also be purchased at greatly discounted prices in previous versions (none earlier than SmartSuite 97 will work with these templates) or as a less costly stand-alone application. (Lotus Millenium is available for $32 from Buy Cheap Software by calling their toll-free number, 888-999-2611, and requesting the OEM version of this program.)

Liability Disclaimer

Gather the People offers the Rabbi's Database templates without any warranty and does not assume any liability for their operation or for consequent damages caused by their failure to operate satisfactorily.

Copyright Guidelines

Although the individual database templates are copyrighted, Gather the People hereby grants permission to modify or alter such templates, either in their operation or appearance, provided that Gather the People is notified of such modifications within 30 days of their publication in any form. Modifications made for strictly private use need not be reported to Gather the People.

Donation and Delivery Information

The Rabbi's Database is available as a premium for a $25 tax-deductible donation. Upon PayPal verification of a donation, Gather the People will send a URL (web page address) from which the self-extracting, compressed Rabbi's Database file may be downloaded. Lost or damaged files wll be replaced by GTP without charge.

Support Services

Fee-based technical assistance and support is available from Gather the People as a premium, at a $35 per hour rate (one-hour minimum), to users of the Rabbi's Database templates who require troubleshooting assistance, database modifications to meet their specific requirements, or other forms of support.

For questions or additional information about an order, click here for customer support.

Rabbi's Database ($25)

Rabbi's DB Tech Support ($35)

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