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Celebrate Shabbat with Rabbi Moshe & Magidah Khulda


  • Dramatically Increase Children's Attendance and Participation in Services
  • Designed for Parents and Children, Singles, and Elders—Together!
  • Stimulating and Spiritually Uplifting Learning and Worship
  • New melodies for the Traditional Liturgy that Enliven and Deepen Davening
  • Build Congregational Participation and Membership
  • Foster Congregational Family and Community
  • Conducted at Your Temple or Synagogue
  • Geared for Participants With Minimal Jewish Education
  • Balances Traditional and Innovative Learning, Liturgy, and Music
  • Plus: Tools to Extend Shabbaton Experience and Congregational Development

Schedule of Activities
  • Readers Theatre Devar Torah Preparation [late Thursday afternoon]
  • Family Workshop on Shabbat Practices [early Thursday evening]
  • Overview of GTP Congregational Development Model [Friday morning]
  • Children's Service [Friday evening]
  • Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv Services [Friday evening]
  • Readers Theatre Devar Torah [Friday evening or Shabbat morning]
  • Rabbi's Tisch (and Potluck Dinner) [Friday evening]
  • BBVR (Bible Biological Virtual Reality) Hebrew Class [Shabbat morning]
  • Learners' Shaharit, Torah & Musaf Services [Shabbat morning]
  • Torah Shmooze [Shabbat afternoon]
  • Havdalah [early Saturday evening]
  • Couples Workshop on Blessings for Love-Making [Saturday evening]
  • Leadership Review & Planning Session [Sunday morning]

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Family Shabbaton Plus

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