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You can help support Gather the People's preparation and distribution of tools for congregational and community development and organizing by making a tax-deductible donation in any amount.

In addition, Gather the People offers premiums for tax-deductible* donations in specific amounts.

Premiums are a thoughtful way to give a gift to a family member, a friend, or yourself, or to your congregation—to support the work of the rabbi, religious school director, board, etc. The Premiums allow you to make particular gifts to enhance Jewish education and congregational life, with benefits that last over an extended period of time.

 ACORN 1980 National Convention Videorecording

 Animal Divrei Torah

 Annotated Index to the Hirsch Torah Commentary

Become A Blessing Kavanah Kit (CD/cassette and A Book of Intentions)

Board Self-Assessment Survey and Support Services

Rabbi's Database and Support Services

* All contributions to Gather the People are tax-deductible. However, IRS regulations state that charitable deductions must be reduced by the combined Fair Market Value of any gifts, premiums, incentives, or services received as a result of contributions. The Fair Market Value assigned to an item represents the reasonable retail price of that item if it were purchased from a retail source. To take the full tax deduction for a contribution to Gather the People, all premiums must be refused before we mail them or they must be returned to us immediately, unopened, and clearly marked as refused.

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