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GTP Organizing Guide



In congregational community organizing, when a campaign of visiting to most of the congregation's members has been completed by a khevra (group) of the congregation, the khevra's next step is to conduct "action research" to learn more about a widely shared problem that has been identified by the congregation, and to determine how the members acting together might intervene to resolve it. Such research typically involves six to 12 members of the khevra meeting with decision-makers in public and private organizations who have the power to alter policy or allocate resources in respect to the problem. At the conclusion of these meetings, the khevra gathers to evaluate their action.


Did the decision-maker acknowledge the gravity of the issue?

Did the decision-maker give us the information we asked for?

Was the decision-maker willing to explore policy options?

Is the decision-maker willing to seek more resources?

Is the decision-maker willing to work with us?

How was our discipline?

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