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GTP Organizing Guide



In congregational community organizing, when a campaign of visiting to most of the congregation's members has been completed by a khevra (committee) of the congregation, the khevra's next step is to conduct "action research." The objective is to learn more about commonly shared pressures that have been identified by the members, and how the congregation might take action to resolve them. Such research typically involves six to 12 members of the khevra meeting with public and private decision-makers who have the power to alter policy or allocate resources in respect to a problem. The following list is a simplified agenda for a meeting to plan a research action.


From your experience of the problem, what questions do you have?

Who are the decision-makers responsible for fixing the problem?

What questions would you want to ask each decision-maker?

What's our plan for this meeting?

What are the "iron rules" for research actions?

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