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Features of the Animal Divrei Torah
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Features of the Animal Divrei Torah

GTP animal divrei Torah are a congregational development tool for rabbis, leaders, teachers, and congregants--designed for presentation to children, young people, and families--to build attendance and participation at Shabbat and Holiday services, religious school classes, and chavurah activities.

The series includes two types of divrei Torah:
37 Chayat Hashavua (Animal of the Week) divrei Torah that deal with specific animals, from ants to wolves, including many species mentioned in Tanakh; and
16 Mamlechet Hachai (Animal Kingdom) divrei Torah that deal more generally with animal-related themes, such as returning lost animals, treatment and care of domestic animals, feeding of wild animals, etc.

There is a sample of each type of devar Torah available on this page in Adobe Acrobat pdf format.* Each devar Torah is approximately 500 words and in outline form for ease of use. Both types of divrei Torah include a variety of factual and open-ended questions to encourage participation.

Contents of Chayat Hashavua Divrei Torah

Each Chayat Hashavua devar Torah includes:
• The animal's Hebrew name(s) and shoresh (root) meaning(s) of the name(s);
• Information about the animal from Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), Talmud, or Midrash, or from the history of Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel) or Am Yisrael (the Jewish people);
• A "quiz" to invite participation, based on several questions that test modern knowledge of the animal’s physical characteristics, temperament, or biology; and
• An epigram, proverb, or story from the Jewish wisdom tradition and one or two follow-up discussion questions designed for children and young people.

Donation and Delivery Information

• The complete series of 53 divrei Torah is available as a premium for a $25 donation to Gather the People.
• The Chayat Hashavua combined series of 37 is available as a premium for a $18 donation.
• The Mamlechet Hachai combined series of 16 is available as a premium for a $8 donation.

Gather the People will send the requested order as an e-mail attachment in either Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat file format upon PayPal verification of a donation. Lost or damaged files wll be replaced by GTP without charge.

There is an additional donation of $10 to cover postage and handling charges for either of the combined series or the complete series as hardcopy in a three-ring, loose-leaf binder.

For questions or additional information about an order, click here for customer support.

Animal Divrei Torah Samples

Chayat Hashavua: Ant SAMPLE (pdf) Mamlechet Hachai: Yetzer Hara SAMPLE (pdf)

Ordering Divrei Torah Series (Electronic File by E-mail)

Chayat Hashavua and Mamlechet Hachai: Complete Series of 53 ($25)
File Format
Chayat Hashavua: Series of 37 ($18)
File Format
Mamlechet Hachai: Series of 16 ($8)
File Format

Ordering Divrei Torah Series (Hardcopy by Regular Mail)

Chayat Hashavua and Mamlechet Hachai: Complete Series of 53 ($25 + $10 P&H)
Chayat Hashavua: Series of 37 ($18 + $10 P&H)
Mamlechet Hachai: Series of 16 ($8 + $10 P&H)

* The sample file will open in Adobe Acrobat format (but only if the Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer's hard drive). The Acrobat Reader is available free from the Adobe web site. To save the file on your hard drive in the Acrobat pdf format, select the Save (floppy disk) icon from the Acrobat tool bar or Save As from the File menu.

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