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Features of the Board Self-Assessment Survey

The GTP Board Self-Assessment Survey is aimed to support thoughtful reflection and intentionality on the part of board members, and to reinforce a board culture of team-building and consensus-building. It includes items that assess the perceived effectiverness of the board's performance in the following areas: clarifying mission and goals; strategic planning; orienting, training, and educating board members; congregational leadership development; discussion and decision-making; policy-making; recruiting, supporting, and retaining professional staff; fostering effective management; conflict resolution; community participation; evaluation; and accountability.

The Survey is based on the Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire (BSAQ). In addition to an initial 21 items to establish the demographics of the board, the BSAQ includes 118 items related to the functional strengths and weaknesses of a congregational board of directors. Respondents appraise statements about board activities, indicating on a scale of 1 to 4—from strong disagreement to strong agreement—their evaluation of each statement's accuracy in relation to their congregation's board. The questions are designed to assess a variety of board activities.

Donations for Survey & Support Services

As a premium for a donation of $250, Gather the People will provide anonymous online administration of the full 139-item questionnaire to an unlimited number of board members from any single congregation, plus tabulate, analyze, and summarize the results of the completed questionnaires. The full questionnaire is available for review before being administered and congregations may opt to modify or have items removed from the online questionnaire for an additional $50 donation.

Questionnaire Download Information

The Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire may be downloaded without charge (see below) in Adobe Acrobat portable document file (pdf) format. The downloadable questionnaire includes all 21 demographic items and the additional 118 items related to board strengths and weaknesses.

Anonymity and Confidentiality

Gather the People will ensure that all materials related to your questionnaires are treated as confidential and, when identified by congregational name or specific geographic location, such materials will be released only to a designated officer of the board who has authorized their collection and analysis.

When it collects your survey data online, Gather the People will exclude all identifying characteristics to ensure that respondents remain entirely anonymous.

Liability Disclaimer

Gather the People offers the Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire without any warranty and does not assume any liability for either its appropriate use or misuse by other organizations or individuals, or for consequent damages caused by its failure to produce satisfactory results.

Additional Information

For answers to questions about the Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire or to inquire about arranging survey and support services, click here for

Download Board Self-Assessment Questionnaire (Free)

BSAQ Survey & Support Services ($250)

BSAQ Modification Services ($50)

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