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Features of the Kavanah Kit

Become A Blessing album of 36 new Shabbat melodies
—Encourage spirited, participatory davening
—Order the"Double chai" album as CD* or cassette

A Book of Intentions to enhance davening kavanah
—36 drashot (homiletic interpretations)
—36 iyun tefillot (poetic meditations)
—Hebrew text, translations, and transliterations
* The CD is compatible with standard home and car audio CD players and PC and Mac computer CD drives.

"The printed text is a language for the head, but the chanted text is a language for the heart. My heart rejoiced with these chants." Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

"A new album of a local couple seeks to make the music of the service an uplifting, inclusive experience." Baltimore Jewish Times

Click here for sample songs from the double chai Become A Blessing album and sample pages from A Book of Intentions (in mp3 and pdf file formats, respectively). Please allow about five to seven minutes to download the large mp3 sound files if you are using a dial-up modem connection to the Internet.

Kavanah Kit Contents

The Kavanah Kit includes new melodies, drashot, and iyun tefillot for the following Shabbat liturgy:

L'sheim Yikhud—Ma Tovu—Eilu D'varim—Elohai N'shama
Higid L'kha—Ashreinu—Eilekha Adonai Ekra—Barukh She'amar
Torat Adonai T'mima—Mi Ha'ish—Hodu Ladonai—Tov L'hodot
Tzadik Katamar—Hal'lu Eil B'kodsho—Az Yashir—Nishmat Kol Khai
Or Khadash—Emet V'yatziv—Adonai S'fatai Tiftakh—Yismakh Moshe
V'shamru—Am M'kad'shei—Eloheinu Veilohei—Y'varekh'kha Adonai
Sim Shalom—Oseh Shalom—Barukh Haba—Mi Sheberakh (l'kholim)
Eitz Khayim Hi—Y'hi Ratzon Milfanekha (l'shalom)—Ashrei—K'vodo Malei Olam
Ein Keiloheinu—Adon Olam—Havdalah Blessings (and Our Shabbos Now Has Ended)

In the Become A Blessing Kavanah Kit, Gather the People offers another tool for congregational development. While many factors effect membership participation and growth, incorporating music that is both spiritually uplifting and easy to learn can be a significant consideration, since current and prospective members often make their most critical contact with congregational life during Shabbat services. Moreover, tools to teach the meaning and relevance of the liturgy to daily life—particularly those parts of the liturgy that are sung by the congregation—can be especially valuable in encouraging longer term interest and investment in Judaism and congregational activities.

The Become A Blessing CD or cassette album offers 36 new melodies to stimulate attendance and participation in Shabbat services. A Book of Intentions, with its drashot and iyun tefillot, can be a valuable teaching tool for learners' services, introduction to Judaism classes, davening workshops, or individuals, and as a source of supplementary readings for Shabbat and holiday services.

The Kavanah Kit can be a useful tool for rabbis, cantors, religious educators, choir directors, accompanists, and other leaders, members, and staff whose responsibilities include teaching any aspect of the Shabbat liturgy, which gives them an indirect but important influence on congregational development.

Donation & Delivery Information

• The combined set of (1) the Become A Blessing CD or cassette and (2) A Book of Intentions is available as a premium for a $20.00 donation, plus $4.95 P&H.
• The individual Become A Blessing CD or cassette is available as a premium for a $15.00 donation, plus $3.95 P&H.
• The individual Book of Intentions is available as a premium for a $10.00 donation, plus $4.95 P&H.

Upon PayPal verification of a donation, Gather the People will confirm your premium and payment by e-mail, and then ship the requested item(s) by U.S. Mail to any destination within the United States (unless special shipping arrangements are made). Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Click here to order now.

Tax-deductible donations for premiums may also be made by check or money order and sent directly to: Gather the People, 20820 Vintage St., #27, Chatsworth, CA 91311. Please specify CD or cassette, and be sure to include your mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address.

For questions about an order, to make special arrangements for shipping, or to obtain additional information about premiums, click here for customer support.

Sample Songs*

Sample Page**

Drashot & Iyun Tefillot

(for L'sheim Yikhud & Ma Tovu )

Ordering Combined Premium

Kavanah Kit: Combined Set—Become A Blessing Album and A Book of Intentions ($20.00 + $4.95 P&H)
Media Preference
Complimentary Gift Card

Ordering Individual Premiums

Kavanah Kit: Become A Blessing Album ($15.00 + $3.95 P&H)
Media Preference
Complimentary Gift Card
Kavanah Kit: A Book of Intentions ($10.00 + $4.95 P&H)
Complimentary Gift Card

* The sample file will open and play only if you have an mp3 player installed on your computer's hard drive. Please allow sufficient time for the sound file to download. (Free players are available from Apple at

** The sample file will open in Adobe Acrobat format only if the Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer's hard drive. (The Acrobat Reader is available free from the Adobe web site.) To save the file on your hard drive in the Acrobat pdf format, select the Save (floppy disk) icon from the Acrobat tool bar or Save As from the File menu.

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