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Want a better quality of life?
Then get a discipline for living.
Push beyond where you are
ngage in the life-changing discipline of Torah study.

Can't do it alone? No problem.

• With Gather the People's Torah study program, you will encounter the text with the guidance of your own personal teacher.

• You will experience learning that takes you seriously and challenges you to think critically.

• You will find that lessons are thoughtfully structured, relevant to the hopes and pressures of contemporary life, and egalitarian.

Can't travel to class? No problem.

• We offer a distance-learning program.

• You will study Torah in the privacy of your own home, via email and phone.

Don't have much time? No problem.

• With our flexible scheduling, you will study the amount that you have time to study.

• You will study at a time when you can do it.

Haven't studied much Torah before? Don't know Hebrew? No problem.

• Our curriculum is designed to meet the educational needs of adult students with little or no previous experience in studying classical text.

• No previous knowledge of Hebrew is required.

Don't have a lot of money to spend? No problem.

• Our classes are reasonably priced and available on a sliding scale based on income.

Curious, but want to "try before you buy"? No problem.

• We offer a "Taste of Torah" option that entitles you to one free lesson.

Students are taught by Magidah Khulda bat Sarah and Rabbi Moshe ben Asher.

Students study Torah with personal teachers, Magidah Khulda bat Sarah and Rabbi Moshe ben Asher, who provide individual mentoring and feedback, and who are readily available for "quickie questions" as needed outside of regular instruction time.

Thanks to the Temple Ner Shalom Rabbi Team (Magidah Khulda bat Sarah and Rabbi Moshe ben Asher), I have derived a deep and abiding understanding of Torah such as I have never acquired before. Better still, they have given me the tools so that I can continue to study Torah on my own. That also goes for their examination of Judaism.  
They are the kinds of teachers that never simply lecture and expect you to absorb and accept their views at face value, but rather gently push you to question and think deeply of what those concepts mean to you, how they fit into your life. I’m often amazed at the questions they formulate and put to us.
We have been blessed with some wonderful Rabbis in the past, each one of whom has left his mark on our lives. But this Rabbi Team has helped us search our souls for a wider, deeper and different understanding of the role that Torah can play in bettering our existence—our relationship with G-d, our family and friends and above all to the "strangers" in our midst. Each of us is on a journey and the Rabbi Team has helped us along our paths, different as each one is to every other. There’s no one cookie-cutter.

For example, they have gently forced me to reexamine my belief systems and to state them openly, something I’ve been too embarassed to do in the past. (This has  happened to other attendees.) They have gently pushed me to redirect the goals of my life. All to the better. For this, I’m eternally grateful.

Every once in a while I stop and marvel at the time, thought and energy that obviously goes into the preparation of every class they conduct. They eschew the trivial and the ordinary; they conduct every session with joy and originality. It is truly a mitzvah that they bestow on us and a mitzvah for us to be the recipients.
Those who have not experienced a class with the Rabbi Team have deprived themselves of a valuable and precious part of our Synagogue life. I urge you to attend their classes the next time they are here. You owe it to yourself.
Doris Bolef
Temple Ner Shalom
San Luis Obispo

Donation and Enrollment Information

The Personalized Torah-Study Distance-Learning is offered on an hourly basis for a $25 tax-deductible donation for each hour of instruction-related time; or on a weekly basis for a $60 weekly tax-deductible donation, which typically includes three hours of instruction-related time.

Additional Information

For answers to questions about Personalized Torah-Study Distance-Learning, to inquire about the "Taste of Torah" option, or to inquire about arranging class time, call (818) 718-2693 or click on Upon completion of arrangements and scheduling by phone, donations may be made on a regular basis through PayPal as instruction progresses.

Payment Options

Daily Distance Learning ($25/hour)
Weekly Distance Learning ($60/week)

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