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Moses said: “Are you zealous on my behalf? Would that all the people of God were prophets, and that Adonai would put His spirit on them.” (Numbers 11:29)


“. . . Moses’ answer to Joshua remains for all teachers and leaders as the brilliant example they should keep before their eyes as the highest ideal aim of their work, viz., to make themselves superfluous, that the people of all classes and ranks should reach such a spiritual level that they no longer require teachers and leaders. And indeed the successors of these ‘elders’ have well inherited the spirit of their Moses, have recognized their highest mission to be . . . ‘establish many learners, many pupils’ as the first maxim for all spiritual leaders of their people. With his ‘Are you jealous for me?’ our Moses has broken down the dividing wall between ‘intellectuals’ and the ‘lower classes’, between clergy and laity, forever in Israel.” (S.R. Hirsch)


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